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0052 Soy sauce Shoyu Biocop 140 ml


Soy sauce with wheat of soft and Mediterranean flavor, ideal in the kitchen. Helps to enhance the flavors. Traditional Japanese method of liquid fermentation. In open vats, at room temperature. Not filtered, but decanted, to preserve its characteristics (taste, smell, color).

Water, SOY*, WHOLE WHEAT *, sea salt, Aspergillus oryzae (koji). *From organic farming

Gluten Soy and derivatives

It helps to enhance the flavors. Ideal for cooking with vegetables, vegetables, soups and stews, for making sauces and dressing salads, seaweed, cereals, fried vegetables, meats and fish.

Preserve from sunlight. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional Information (typical values per 100g)

Energetic value 240 kJ/57,32 kcal
Fats 10 g
Saturated fatty acids 10 g
Carbohidrates 6,10 g
Sugars 0,60 g
Diestary fiber 0,5 g
Proteins 8,03 g
Salt 17 g

Other data:

Cod. 8423903000526
Certified by Consejo Catalán de la Producción Agraria Ecológica CCPAE
Agriculture No-UE
  •  U/c 6
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