About Biocop

Biocop is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of biological products with maximum nutritional quality and flavour. The company’s work is focused on regenerating the food model with its commitment to responsible consumption and healthy living.
Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona), it currently has a portfolio of 250 products under its own brand.

We do not want a model that produces almost the same number of obese people as hungry people, who encourage cheap food with high salt, sugar and fat content, and waste a third of the food they produce. We are convinced that change is possible through responsible consumption and healthy living.

Biocop projects help us grow as a company committed to sustainability, fair trade and social justice, but we still have a long way to go, in which we hope you will accompany us

How are our products?



The flavor of our products are its differential element. Ecological and tasty products, everything you are looking for!



All our products are certified as organic farming and have passed the food safety controls of the European Union.



We move away from saturated fats, salt and added sugars and focus on integral products, designed to take care of your health.



Avant-garde production of packaged product that permanently improves to offer you durable products, which do not need refrigeration, but that preserve the nutritional quality and the original flavor.


Quality - Price

Quality has a price, but we make sure we adjust it to the maximum so that no one has to give up the healthiest and tastiest products.



All Biocop products have a just and ethical provenance. In addition, they are always subject to strict quality controls for the selection of raw materials, as well as for the selection of ingredients and transformation processes in more complex products.


The values of Biocop are the essence of our company and the pillars of our growth. We work with the utmost respect for the origin of our products, for the environment and for the health of the people. We are honest, because what we offer our customers are products that we consume in our home, with our families.

We seek first the welfare of our customers and suppliers before our benefit. We ensure the ethical origin of our products, supporting local production and fair trade.